marie in florida

Friday, June 30, 2006

Grateful for garter

I was in a knitting funk
my Mountain Stream was dried up.
my sox were just blah
even my never ending washrag was making me twitchy
not enough time to really concentrate on knitting; time all used up by work and commute. sure I could get in a row or two n the short part of the bus RIDE but most of my time is spend waiting for the next bus and one can't really get out a pattern and spread out while standing at the stop or crowded onto a bus bench, right?
so; back to the basis of all, the one source, the seminal stitch.
i'm knitting up Baby Surprise with one of the new Yarn Bee baby yarns; and i'm making up some log cabin squares with a wildly variegated RH Kid's and the flood gates have parted. ideas are pouring in....let's go garter!

photos soon i promise

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

knitting is the new puppy for me too

cara says knitting is the new puppy

while i was kntting out my wait in between bus rides this very morning; a very handsome guy told me his story today. here it is

""my mother taught me to do that when i was a little boy. and you know, she made one red whte and blue blanket; it had big roses on it. a few years ago, just on the weekend when i returned from graduating at the navy, her house burnt to the ground. she told me she couldn't find that one blanket and i went to get my blue suitcase. there was her blanket. she didn't know i had taken it to boot camp with me. it's on her bed to this day. something told me to take that blanket and i'm glad i saved it by stealing it..."
he was talking about crocheting not knitting but who cares? he was handsome, he was smiling, and the story is great.
by the way you might notice that Cara is raising money for Heifer; go Cara go! i put in my little drop of honey.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

may i have a word with you please?

from Cara's blog; how fun is this......

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me — it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog so that I may leave a word about you.

ps/ i feel better so far this morning

in florida not rhode island

i got to work ok, and as soon as i got there began to feel sick. i worked long enough to cover fabarics so the fabrics lady could take her break, then i logged out ; put my shoulder bag on, got to the counter and was standing there to tell the fabric lady good night, looked up and there was my brother!
surprise and provicence . a ride home was just what i needed and one more in minute he would have missed me.
sometimes things do go my way.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

karma now please

can you believe it? the amount of money i have left over from last week's pay check is half the amount i planned to donate to Heifer , out of this weeks paycheck, which i have not yet been paid.
so, that decides the question of what i'm going to do today. i'm going to go to the library; pay the internet users fee of two bucks, which gets me five free printed pages by the way, which will get me some free patterns from somewheres, and today will be a spending less day. so; Cara; my donation will be made on friday. coolness.
go read cara's blog, page down , read a lot of her blog and join her in Spin Out day and donating to Heifer, and maybe even the log cabin knit along.
i'm working on getting over the blahs, the blahs which are work related. it's only work yanno? just a few hours a day, i can cope. there fore; my list:

five things i like about me

1) i'm really good friends with my three adult children.
2) i have one life long friend. Hay Lee; how are ya? we have known each other since we were 12.
3) i can knit and crochet and have taught others to knit and crochet. that's so cool.
4) i love my naturally grey / white hair. worn shoulder length;curvey wavey, pinned up somtimes interesting ways , atypical and fun.
5) i'm not at all people shy.

allright, i'm off.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

some things i love

it's almost ten o'clock and i'll be going to bed in a little while. read; then sleep, then get up tomorrow and work again. sigh
after the previous post i wanted to come back in and list some things i love to easy me off to sleep and to show y'all that i'm not always that cranky.
i love my cats. yeah, i know i said something ugly about cat fur, but you know...??...
i love the long sunshine of florida days. yea verily, more sunshine makes me happy;even though i'm not what you would call an outdoor person.
i love the nice people i work with. since i began working in the big box there hasn't been one person i haven't liked working with. that goes a long way toward making work bearable, doesn't it?
i love my dvd player. dumb? nope. when i was a kid, dad used to run movies on his projector and show them on our garage door. he, himself, was one of the first kids on his block to have TV in the house. true, they kept it in the basement in case it blew up, but my o my how times have changed.
i love floris perfume. (google them, interesting story)
i love PBAL perfume oils, google them too.
now i'm going to bed, read a little, count my blessings and sleep.

and complain

i've been in a snit for weeks, not knitting much, feeling crummy ; all that junk. SO, i've decided to rant.
here goes, turn away if you have a faint stomach, but if you find something you agree with, let me know.
i'm sick of cat hair everywhere, in everything including the ice in the freezer. really. of course i love them but jeeze. there are four of them and only two of us, DD and I; and we just can't keep up.
i'm sick of customers at the store who leave stuff tucked away in hidden spots when they decide they don't really want it. just give that stuff to the check out clerk; PLEASE don't make the floor clerks hunt all over for that little bottle of paint.
i'm sick of dumb questions.
i'm sick of people who talk too much and say nothing,
i'm sick of how long it takes me to get home from work. a week or so ago, on a saturday, i left work at 3 and got home at five thirty. yes, two and one half hours to go a lot less than 15 miles. i ride the bus but spend more time waiting for the next bus than i do actually riding.
thats' not all but now i'm now sick of being crabby and complaining.
next post, i promise; will be praise.

Monday, June 05, 2006

i need to be confused

faced with a real two day weekend, my first since february when i began working in the big box ; and faced with nothing to do, that's just what i did
watched about 7 hours of sopranos, watched "basic"; * see joke tacked on the end of this post; played a video game for a few hours, really...hours! no cooking, no cleaning, and only a little porch gardening. no shopping, and only read five pages of "heart of Darkness"
knitting? i can't say i even remember how to. still in a funk since i had a couple of weeks where every knitting thing i touch went wrong. Mountain Stream? still in a lull.
not sure what i need to get me goin'.
i'm sure i don't need to start any new projects. i'm sure i don't need to shop for yarn. i've got books.
i tried MySpace...Wholly boring batman ; tried cupid dot com too. that's a pay service.
i believe it might be time to go to a knitting class. i've seldom seen other people knitting. can you believe that?
now it's your turn. what ever you suggest to get my juices flowing has to be cheap to free, cool to avoid the summer florida heat; and somthing i can get to on the bus.
my first idea is that there is a school with a swimming pool a few blocks away' it will be full of ghetto neighbor hoodchildren, which should make it interesting; specially if i take a break and break out my knitting. hey , maybe i should go somewhere and give lessons for free.
the sap beings to loosen ready to flow
did you hear about cher? she's dating a guy so young he thinks Pulp Fiction is John Travolta's first film.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

hay for heifer

my first real contact with Heifer , other than just hearing the name, was when my Father died. A few days after Father's Day; a few years ago. My GodSister donated to heifer in dad's name. she donated a hive of bees; which is significant because dad was a beekeeper. we were the only kids on the block, in akron ohio mind you; who had bees for pets.
i've offered to send Cara some little prizes to give to donators.
help heifer; you'll feel better.

hi carrie

i'm still here;
i've been in a knitting funk; switched to crochet for a minute, made three hats in two days...LOL...
sadly when i began working for the big box retailer i lost three hours a day due to commute time, i come home exhausted and fingering laceweight wool lost it's charm. plus; the actual riding time of the commute is about a half hour and the rest of the time is waiting time, during which i usually can't stitch like i'd like to.

i'm beginning to come back to life just now; i think i can recover, i've cut back on the work at work a bit; still doing my ethical best but not overdoing; the work in the box can never be actually caught up so i try my best to stay just behind the curve of not done. ....gosh ; does what i said even make sense?
meanwhile i'm knitting susan lawrence's baby hat from her blog; and a very old fashioned ruffled baby hat from i can't remember where on the net; and when i come back in to blog again later today or early tomorrow; i have something to say about donating to heifer international