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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

karma now please

can you believe it? the amount of money i have left over from last week's pay check is half the amount i planned to donate to Heifer , out of this weeks paycheck, which i have not yet been paid.
so, that decides the question of what i'm going to do today. i'm going to go to the library; pay the internet users fee of two bucks, which gets me five free printed pages by the way, which will get me some free patterns from somewheres, and today will be a spending less day. so; Cara; my donation will be made on friday. coolness.
go read cara's blog, page down , read a lot of her blog and join her in Spin Out day and donating to Heifer, and maybe even the log cabin knit along.
i'm working on getting over the blahs, the blahs which are work related. it's only work yanno? just a few hours a day, i can cope. there fore; my list:

five things i like about me

1) i'm really good friends with my three adult children.
2) i have one life long friend. Hay Lee; how are ya? we have known each other since we were 12.
3) i can knit and crochet and have taught others to knit and crochet. that's so cool.
4) i love my naturally grey / white hair. worn shoulder length;curvey wavey, pinned up somtimes interesting ways , atypical and fun.
5) i'm not at all people shy.

allright, i'm off.


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