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Monday, June 05, 2006

i need to be confused

faced with a real two day weekend, my first since february when i began working in the big box ; and faced with nothing to do, that's just what i did
watched about 7 hours of sopranos, watched "basic"; * see joke tacked on the end of this post; played a video game for a few hours, really...hours! no cooking, no cleaning, and only a little porch gardening. no shopping, and only read five pages of "heart of Darkness"
knitting? i can't say i even remember how to. still in a funk since i had a couple of weeks where every knitting thing i touch went wrong. Mountain Stream? still in a lull.
not sure what i need to get me goin'.
i'm sure i don't need to start any new projects. i'm sure i don't need to shop for yarn. i've got books.
i tried MySpace...Wholly boring batman ; tried cupid dot com too. that's a pay service.
i believe it might be time to go to a knitting class. i've seldom seen other people knitting. can you believe that?
now it's your turn. what ever you suggest to get my juices flowing has to be cheap to free, cool to avoid the summer florida heat; and somthing i can get to on the bus.
my first idea is that there is a school with a swimming pool a few blocks away' it will be full of ghetto neighbor hoodchildren, which should make it interesting; specially if i take a break and break out my knitting. hey , maybe i should go somewhere and give lessons for free.
the sap beings to loosen ready to flow
did you hear about cher? she's dating a guy so young he thinks Pulp Fiction is John Travolta's first film.


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