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Thursday, June 01, 2006

hi carrie

i'm still here;
i've been in a knitting funk; switched to crochet for a minute, made three hats in two days...LOL...
sadly when i began working for the big box retailer i lost three hours a day due to commute time, i come home exhausted and fingering laceweight wool lost it's charm. plus; the actual riding time of the commute is about a half hour and the rest of the time is waiting time, during which i usually can't stitch like i'd like to.

i'm beginning to come back to life just now; i think i can recover, i've cut back on the work at work a bit; still doing my ethical best but not overdoing; the work in the box can never be actually caught up so i try my best to stay just behind the curve of not done. ....gosh ; does what i said even make sense?
meanwhile i'm knitting susan lawrence's baby hat from her blog; and a very old fashioned ruffled baby hat from i can't remember where on the net; and when i come back in to blog again later today or early tomorrow; i have something to say about donating to heifer international


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