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Monday, April 10, 2006

where to stick it

at least i know where to stick the pointy end of my pointy sticks and i'll be doing that in just a minute. i still, tho; can't figure out where to put a "link" in so that i t shows up as a link in my side bar.
sigh, thanks Susan, i tried and will do so again after i knit a while to clear my poor aching brain.

a shout out to my daughter-friend Jo for offering me some fiber to spin. Dear Girl, i haven't tried spinning since you showed me "how to" with that bit of coat hanger. i think i'll go forth and make today a day of trying somthings i haven't been able to actuall sucussfully do as of yet, interruped with things i'm rather good at to balance it all.
meanwhile, DD took the digicam back , which is ok cuz it is hers, and so, i'll have just a photo or two more.
this is an afghan i crochet for my queen size bed a few years ago. it spent time in the ufo pile, believe me, probably two years there , i'll just say this , it's BIG! this is the biggest finished object i ever finished ... LOL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

folks she is not kidding when she says that bed spread is big I know cause just about every two weeks I wash and dry the thing

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Jo said...

You need to grab your daughter by the nape (and Hell, bring her man as well ;->) and get yer asses up here. Have spare room and lots of fiberly goodness. And Dood! I am halfway down my first ever heel flap! Teh sox roc! It only took 6+ years for me to figure it out. Heh.

9:56 PM  

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