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Thursday, June 01, 2006

hay for heifer

my first real contact with Heifer , other than just hearing the name, was when my Father died. A few days after Father's Day; a few years ago. My GodSister donated to heifer in dad's name. she donated a hive of bees; which is significant because dad was a beekeeper. we were the only kids on the block, in akron ohio mind you; who had bees for pets.
i've offered to send Cara some little prizes to give to donators.
help heifer; you'll feel better.


Anonymous CatBookMom said...

Heifer is one of our charities. I like the idea of 'teaching someone to fish' rather than just 'giving them fish'. One of the more recent magazines from them had an interesting article about alpacas!

Take care; glad you're feeling more frisky and up to posting and blogging!

11:29 PM  

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