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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

and complain

i've been in a snit for weeks, not knitting much, feeling crummy ; all that junk. SO, i've decided to rant.
here goes, turn away if you have a faint stomach, but if you find something you agree with, let me know.
i'm sick of cat hair everywhere, in everything including the ice in the freezer. really. of course i love them but jeeze. there are four of them and only two of us, DD and I; and we just can't keep up.
i'm sick of customers at the store who leave stuff tucked away in hidden spots when they decide they don't really want it. just give that stuff to the check out clerk; PLEASE don't make the floor clerks hunt all over for that little bottle of paint.
i'm sick of dumb questions.
i'm sick of people who talk too much and say nothing,
i'm sick of how long it takes me to get home from work. a week or so ago, on a saturday, i left work at 3 and got home at five thirty. yes, two and one half hours to go a lot less than 15 miles. i ride the bus but spend more time waiting for the next bus than i do actually riding.
thats' not all but now i'm now sick of being crabby and complaining.
next post, i promise; will be praise.


Blogger Whining Procrastinator said...

I only have one cat and I'm not admitting where I find cat hair!

1:31 AM  

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