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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

some things i love

it's almost ten o'clock and i'll be going to bed in a little while. read; then sleep, then get up tomorrow and work again. sigh
after the previous post i wanted to come back in and list some things i love to easy me off to sleep and to show y'all that i'm not always that cranky.
i love my cats. yeah, i know i said something ugly about cat fur, but you know...??...
i love the long sunshine of florida days. yea verily, more sunshine makes me happy;even though i'm not what you would call an outdoor person.
i love the nice people i work with. since i began working in the big box there hasn't been one person i haven't liked working with. that goes a long way toward making work bearable, doesn't it?
i love my dvd player. dumb? nope. when i was a kid, dad used to run movies on his projector and show them on our garage door. he, himself, was one of the first kids on his block to have TV in the house. true, they kept it in the basement in case it blew up, but my o my how times have changed.
i love floris perfume. (google them, interesting story)
i love PBAL perfume oils, google them too.
now i'm going to bed, read a little, count my blessings and sleep.


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