marie in florida

Friday, March 31, 2006

energy crisis

i slept nearly ten hours but am still as tired as i was when i got off work wednesday night. gotta close the shop today and open tomorrow. whoa is me? nah...going in...may as well work.
here are some things i don't know how to do with my blog but wish to do"
add buttons and add links to blogs i read and add links inside my rambling post and i think that's all.
i learned how to post pix, that much was easy and self evident, if only i had looked up there on the tool bar earlier! LOL
advise me?
edited to add; make the silly thing tell the correct time that i posted. it's 11:15 now and i'm in northeast florida

Thursday, March 30, 2006

i really was going to get the red until i saw this . if you even come close to seeing how lovely that blue is then i'm happy for ya. i'm saving my Kid Silk Haze, all three bundles of it for a shawl. the kint along starts saturday right? mountain stream here i come, remember the adage, no knitter can step into the same stream twice.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tigers, a Mountain Stream and some silk

Monday, March 27, 2006

can spring be (not too) far behind....please?

cold cold cold, 42 degrees. notatall to my liking. the nice weather lady says 80 later in the week, and she'd better not be mistaken or i'll have to, well, no, it won't be her fault but i haven't been warm enough lately that's all i'm saying.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

taa daa; pictures at last

now i'm off to take more , that one is Baby. she doesn't sleep in the drapes anymore.
let's see, tiger socks, mountain stream, a couple of other things and todays little bit of progress.
fireside edging from PieceWork magazine; march april. i used the instructions as they are in the magazine cuz i've read "lace from the atic". isn't this pretty. i may be back later to post more pictures.

seconds before the crash

yikes, a week goes by

i feel like i'm stuck in that movie.....Blazing Saddles and i'm Mel Brooks...head work work work, work work work work...
don't get me wrong, i like the work, i LOVE the l.o.l. when they come in; little old ladies. they love to talk about their needlework. i sold black aida cloth to a woman who was using it to cross stitch a silverblue horse . wow, makes my eyes hurt to even think of that. i love learning a little bit about the store brand of yarns , a little every day as i work through the stacks counting for inventory and noticing the yarn's content. one of our yarns has 2% spandex. i dreamed that i used it for tube sox? humm...gotta give that a try next time that brand is on sale. i don't love running the register. don't love it, not even a little bit. don't have to do it much but yesterday only three people were there for work. shocking to be on the register for three hours. aarrgh...
now, how the heck do i post pictures on my web site? just tuesday i learned that the cord my daughter uses for her MP3 player also runs the digicam i can post pictures. Xcept i dunno how.
any advice?
say, i see an icon of a pix up there ? wonder what that is ?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

sunday morning rest

Sunday Morning on CBS is my favorite TV.

i finished a tiny bag with YarnBee Moasic Twist. 36% Polyamide 11% cotton 35% wool 18% acrylic. it'll go into the regular wash later today. maybe it will felt a little? YarnBee is the Hobby Lobby brand. i wanted to work with what i sell. it's soft enough so we'll see how it washes.
note to CatBookMom. i'm not so familiar with Bocelli. i'll give him a listen and get back to ya.

i was at 54 hours when i left work last evening. i'll know next week that as far as my city bus commute, i may as well stay to closing.
now, should i go back to the corner of the couch and Mountain Stream or to the grocery store?

Friday, March 17, 2006

well; here we are.

i hit 40 hours when i clocked out for lunch today. funny thing is the owner of the chain was in the store for maybe 20 minutes. that's all ok, the store looks beautiful.
so, here i sit; listening to Josh Groban "Canto Alla Vita" . If he keeps up singing with that beautiful voice i may have to go hunt him down. goodness. wish i understood the language, i guess it's EYEtallian. grobania anyone? he makes me want a new stero.
today's knitting was actually crochet because i needed something i didn't have to count or keep track of pattern wise. just a simple three corner shawl but i plan to work a few repeats of my Mountain Stream before i go to bed.
I had a customer ask me today about blocking her baby blanket. Why do we do that? she asked? she had lessons at JoAnne's but they did not explain why block or how blocking does or does not work on acrylic. i very much enjoy the teaching aspect of my job.
My Son should be here sunday with the cord for the digi cam so .... Photo spoon.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

39 hours

i haven't been here because last night, when i left work, i was at 39 hours , after just three days. believe it or not, there were people there with more hours. but i had enough.
more when i recover.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

too long

12 hour work days are not good for lace knitting or blogging or anything else.


Monday, March 13, 2006

not stretchie

my beautiful new silk is not at all 'stretchie' . i've so far, been unaable to find a suitable pattern for it.
any suggestions?

Friday, March 10, 2006

a day off

it's a mixed blessing. this moring ten minutes before i should have been on the bus going to work i was still in the water closet (turn away here if you have a delicate nature) on the throne. (no pictures of that are on the way) so work for me today. i needed to be there, i still have stuff off the truck to put away.
on the other hand, i wrapped up my silk, from skein to ball, no tangles no problems. it does have that silk scent, which does not bother me, but it is noticable. i'm guessing the smell will go away after the silk is knitted up and dry cleaned.
also this morning i tried a little cross stitch. haven't stitched in years. the plan is to cross stitch a little lady sitting in the chair cross stitching, i'm using a bookmark , which i will then tuck into the pocket of my work vest. cute. photos to follow. man oh man does this ever look like beginners work. considering that i haven't stitched in years, it is beginner's work, so there you have it. i'll knit or crochet some nice lace on the edge to make up for the not so neat cross stitching.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

that two inch frog

i began with the first few stitches of a wrong side row, got to the line of yo that marks the midsection , and then finished with the right side row, either above or below the wrong side row i meant to finish.
so much for talking to co-workers while i knit lace or lace knit, whichever ...
i did however, get my 100% silk unplied purple yarn. ready to go with that you betcha.
and yes, i do have spring fever.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


yesterday, near closing time at the store, a nice lady asked me if i knew how to tatt. yes, yes i do. and i showed her . air tatting , having her imagine a bright colored bit of string. she bought three tatting books and the basic coats and clark learn everything book; and a few types of thread. she already has her grandmothers antique tatting shuttle. so, today; i'm going to hunt down my tatting shuttle and see if i do indeed, still remember how to tatt. i was never very good at it, but why should that stop me?
i really like working in a place where i can sell stuff i really like in an honest fashion.

and then

and then i ran out the door and forgot to take the digi cam so i could get the cord. i did , however, get a few more rows done on my scarf. it may take all the old vintage mohair that i have, all six ounces but we shall see. more later.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

today is

today is the first day of the rest of my blog.
i'll be back later today to fill in a little , meanwhile, here is my post to the Mountain Lace KAL

""got my Mountain Stream pattern, got the first few repeats done, got my chest all puffed out with prideandlast but not least, i've got a DIGI-cam!!! now, if i can get the cord to connect it to the pc i'll be able to post some pix. i expect to be on to my second Mountain Stream by the first of the month, remembering that old Zen adage; "no man can step into the same stream twice", for the next version i'll be using my winnings of Kid Silk Haze, it just so happens to be stream colored...wheee...!!!""

and i'm off to see if i can get that cord