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Sunday, March 26, 2006

yikes, a week goes by

i feel like i'm stuck in that movie.....Blazing Saddles and i'm Mel Brooks...head work work work, work work work work...
don't get me wrong, i like the work, i LOVE the l.o.l. when they come in; little old ladies. they love to talk about their needlework. i sold black aida cloth to a woman who was using it to cross stitch a silverblue horse . wow, makes my eyes hurt to even think of that. i love learning a little bit about the store brand of yarns , a little every day as i work through the stacks counting for inventory and noticing the yarn's content. one of our yarns has 2% spandex. i dreamed that i used it for tube sox? humm...gotta give that a try next time that brand is on sale. i don't love running the register. don't love it, not even a little bit. don't have to do it much but yesterday only three people were there for work. shocking to be on the register for three hours. aarrgh...
now, how the heck do i post pictures on my web site? just tuesday i learned that the cord my daughter uses for her MP3 player also runs the digicam i can post pictures. Xcept i dunno how.
any advice?
say, i see an icon of a pix up there ? wonder what that is ?


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