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Friday, March 17, 2006

well; here we are.

i hit 40 hours when i clocked out for lunch today. funny thing is the owner of the chain was in the store for maybe 20 minutes. that's all ok, the store looks beautiful.
so, here i sit; listening to Josh Groban "Canto Alla Vita" . If he keeps up singing with that beautiful voice i may have to go hunt him down. goodness. wish i understood the language, i guess it's EYEtallian. grobania anyone? he makes me want a new stero.
today's knitting was actually crochet because i needed something i didn't have to count or keep track of pattern wise. just a simple three corner shawl but i plan to work a few repeats of my Mountain Stream before i go to bed.
I had a customer ask me today about blocking her baby blanket. Why do we do that? she asked? she had lessons at JoAnne's but they did not explain why block or how blocking does or does not work on acrylic. i very much enjoy the teaching aspect of my job.
My Son should be here sunday with the cord for the digi cam so .... Photo spoon.


Anonymous CatBookMom said...

Gotta love that Josh. How do you compare him to Andrea Bocelli?

12:19 AM  

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