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Friday, March 10, 2006

a day off

it's a mixed blessing. this moring ten minutes before i should have been on the bus going to work i was still in the water closet (turn away here if you have a delicate nature) on the throne. (no pictures of that are on the way) so work for me today. i needed to be there, i still have stuff off the truck to put away.
on the other hand, i wrapped up my silk, from skein to ball, no tangles no problems. it does have that silk scent, which does not bother me, but it is noticable. i'm guessing the smell will go away after the silk is knitted up and dry cleaned.
also this morning i tried a little cross stitch. haven't stitched in years. the plan is to cross stitch a little lady sitting in the chair cross stitching, i'm using a bookmark , which i will then tuck into the pocket of my work vest. cute. photos to follow. man oh man does this ever look like beginners work. considering that i haven't stitched in years, it is beginner's work, so there you have it. i'll knit or crochet some nice lace on the edge to make up for the not so neat cross stitching.


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