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Thursday, March 09, 2006

that two inch frog

i began with the first few stitches of a wrong side row, got to the line of yo that marks the midsection , and then finished with the right side row, either above or below the wrong side row i meant to finish.
so much for talking to co-workers while i knit lace or lace knit, whichever ...
i did however, get my 100% silk unplied purple yarn. ready to go with that you betcha.
and yes, i do have spring fever.


Anonymous CatBookMom said...

Whee! More fun with Marie! Congratulations on making the big step. There was an article in the LA Times a couple of weeks ago about how easy it is; I am SO tempted, but then I might never actually do any knitting, just spend all my time blogging about it! LOL!


2:12 AM  

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