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Sunday, March 19, 2006

sunday morning rest

Sunday Morning on CBS is my favorite TV.

i finished a tiny bag with YarnBee Moasic Twist. 36% Polyamide 11% cotton 35% wool 18% acrylic. it'll go into the regular wash later today. maybe it will felt a little? YarnBee is the Hobby Lobby brand. i wanted to work with what i sell. it's soft enough so we'll see how it washes.
note to CatBookMom. i'm not so familiar with Bocelli. i'll give him a listen and get back to ya.

i was at 54 hours when i left work last evening. i'll know next week that as far as my city bus commute, i may as well stay to closing.
now, should i go back to the corner of the couch and Mountain Stream or to the grocery store?


Anonymous cozyhomelife said...

Hope you put a pic of the bag you made from YarnBee. I buy a lot of their product too and will enjoy seeing what you are doing with it :)

2:46 AM  

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