marie in florida

Sunday, April 30, 2006

yesterday i had a crochet conversation with an 83 year old woman. she was bright eyed and beautiful. very beautiful. her hair was growing in black again starting at the front!! really, there was about a two inch band of black hair around her face. her son was shopping with her. he said he'd never known her to have any color hair but white. she said she was beginning her third childhood. they had a deep talk which yarn she was going to get. there were five of whatever particular yarn she wanted and she needed six. "because i want six" she said.....LOL... i love my lovely old lady customers. the ones who are past the silliness of the red hat stage and into the transcendent beauty of the threshold.
in thirty years i'll be there. see ya then.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

why ben? why

bi focal glasses? i can't see out of either part. yes , i know it will take some getting used to and now i know why my nice Brother Rob tilts his head when he is at the computer.
today i bought the yarn harlt's new book. giggle.
more later when i can really see again

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

aw...still no pix?

posting without pictures is a little dull isn't it? that's why i haven't been here in a while, plus the knitting funk has hit me. i don't want , even, to work on my Mountain Stream after i went to all that trouble to get the doucier.
i'll be back in a little while.
what is the cure for knitting blues?
i finished Topi though. it's perfect.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

wish i could show ya how cute this is. my Topi is a complete success. i have yet to insert the brim stiffener, need to get one tomorrow, and i think i might use a ready made brim rather than try to trim down plastic canvass. also i changed the ribbing to a twised rib and used an I-cord bind off. i left a nice note for the little sweetie designer, nice hat, nice kid!
go ye hence to the spring Knitty and get to gettin'

Monday, April 10, 2006

fit for a queen

where to stick it

at least i know where to stick the pointy end of my pointy sticks and i'll be doing that in just a minute. i still, tho; can't figure out where to put a "link" in so that i t shows up as a link in my side bar.
sigh, thanks Susan, i tried and will do so again after i knit a while to clear my poor aching brain.

a shout out to my daughter-friend Jo for offering me some fiber to spin. Dear Girl, i haven't tried spinning since you showed me "how to" with that bit of coat hanger. i think i'll go forth and make today a day of trying somthings i haven't been able to actuall sucussfully do as of yet, interruped with things i'm rather good at to balance it all.
meanwhile, DD took the digicam back , which is ok cuz it is hers, and so, i'll have just a photo or two more.
this is an afghan i crochet for my queen size bed a few years ago. it spent time in the ufo pile, believe me, probably two years there , i'll just say this , it's BIG! this is the biggest finished object i ever finished ... LOL

Thursday, April 06, 2006

cinderella king kong

last night from 2 am untill 4:30 am when the benedryll i took at 2 am finally kicked in; i made significant progress on the crochet slipper.
confidence that it will indeed felt to a reasonable size? none.

thanks to Margene

for showing me how to link my blog on commments on other folks blog....LOL...
now if could link to blogs in a blogs i read list ???

i'll keep trying.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


today at work i was putting up our first sale bin full of discounted yarn. i was joshing my first sale bin customer;
"do you want me to make that harder for you or easier?" i asked
she said , "i just can't make my mind",
'then let me make it harder for you," i said " because all of these are going to be marked down and if you want any of them i'll sticker them for you!"
turns out, this nice lady, my first sale bin customer, is one of the chapter coordinators for the local "project linus" chapter.

a nice bit of what goes around , eh?

using it correctly

i can't link correctly .... dunno how to link my page to otheres and others to mine and i have to go forth now and go to work; geeze....i'll be back later , My Son will be here today. I think he will point right to what i need to know .

started with a scrap of yan

ended up with this; inspired by todays yellowish post on Margene's blog ; and the pattern is on the dishcloth boutique. it's a little lopsided cuz i got a few more wedges than the pattern calls for; 3 more than 17 and that's why the middle didn't shut smoothly; but oooohhhh ; that color!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

" yes," she said blushing with embarrassment ; "there are more but i'm full right now so lets' have a little more later, eh?"

Sunday, April 02, 2006

a boy and his frog

i'm posting this blurry pix of my Odessa because of the boy in the tub. i've had that little metal cutie for nearly 30 years i guess. i got it with S&H Green Stamps. all hail to the Odessa, it's really cute and fits beautifully

the pattern is Grumpernia, who is not that grumpy; and there is a link to it on her site which i don't know how to link on my blog yet. unless this works,