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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

knitting is the new puppy for me too

cara says knitting is the new puppy

while i was kntting out my wait in between bus rides this very morning; a very handsome guy told me his story today. here it is

""my mother taught me to do that when i was a little boy. and you know, she made one red whte and blue blanket; it had big roses on it. a few years ago, just on the weekend when i returned from graduating at the navy, her house burnt to the ground. she told me she couldn't find that one blanket and i went to get my blue suitcase. there was her blanket. she didn't know i had taken it to boot camp with me. it's on her bed to this day. something told me to take that blanket and i'm glad i saved it by stealing it..."
he was talking about crocheting not knitting but who cares? he was handsome, he was smiling, and the story is great.
by the way you might notice that Cara is raising money for Heifer; go Cara go! i put in my little drop of honey.


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