marie in florida

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

chilly weather at last

i just don't like it that's all. really, i know 48degrees is not that cold, but i just don't like it.
what i do like is my new job. working as customer service for the local bus line. irony, i've been complaining about the local bus service for so long, but now i'm on the other side of the door. making good money and honestly trying to help. feels good when i can.
also, sitting down, i'll be able to knit a little more, read some,and make some new friends. all good, eh?
i'm making my new boss a pair of fingerless mitts. she's a nice lady with sore hands. they are called "twin rib fingerless mittens" i hope you can and will google that. i plan to make the headban from the twin rib also.
here is an old photo of Baby . She's so young here her eyes are not turned gold yet. she is still just that cute.